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With this iPad Mouth stick it is possible to use an iPad, Tablet, environment control device or smartphone without the help of the hands, only with the mouth.

It isn`t pressing necessary. It is only a very light touch of the screen required. You can also write and draw on the iPad / Tablet or Smartphone with the Mouth stick.


The entire Mouth stick weighs only 9.8g and is handmade by us, especially according to your needs and wishes. It will be made for you.
The Mouthpiece is molded from certified dental plastic and adapts itself to the horizontal curve of the dents by its flexibility. The soft surface of the Mouthpiece allows the teeth to bite into the Mouthpiece, whereby the tooth contours of the teeth are permanently displayed. The teeth will always find their way back into these images and protect them from abrasion and stability them in their position. Just like a Bruxism bite splint. Thus, the teeth are not damaged and TMJ complaints are avoided.


In order to be able to use the iPad in the correct viewing distance from the eye, the Tube can be telescopically adjusted between 20 and 40 cm.

It is made of two extremely lightweight CFK- Tubes from aircraft construction.

The Mouthpiece is equipped with a hinged tip, that adjusts to the ideal operating angle with every touch. This allows the user from any convenient position to operate the touch screen and a scrolling and painting is also possible.
The capacitive Tip is very soft, so the screen can`t be scratched and no pressing is necessary. Only a light touch of the screen is required. 

For hygienic cleaning, the Mouthpiece can be removed and inserted into the cleaning bath.
The individual parts are to be purchased as a replacement part and replaced individually.
On request, we can make you a Mouthpiece, based on a dental impression, individually.


The Mouth stick is approved by German health insurance GKV



                                                                                                 incl.7% Mwst.


Send us an E- mail  to  pfiffikus.mundwerkzeuge@gmx.de , with your address and which products do you want to buy.

The shipping costs depend on the destination country. We are looking for the cheapest option.

You can pay with Bank transfer with cash in advance.

We ship your items 1-2 days later.

About us:

We are a German dental laboratory, since 22 Years, and we make handmade Mouth sticks and Head Pointers to operates iPad, Mobiles and all others multimedia Touchscreens.

We are looking for distributors around the world, who would like to give people a piece of self-employment back, with our tools.

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